We are pleased to introduce you to Linway Capital Partners, a fresh perspective on retail commercial real estate. Linway strives to take advantage of the public misperception of retail CRE, identifying neighborhood oriented, service first, and internet resistant assets. Properties with good access, visibility, and demographics that have a symbiotic relationship with online services and a tenant mix that performed well throughout the pandemic. The goal of Linway is to offer properties for investment a la carte across the risk and return spectrum with a focus on managing assets for a long-term hold.

What is the process?

Our best-in-class acquisitions, management, finance, and legal teams are involved in every aspect of the due diligence process. The teams’ vet and model all operational processes based on time tested checklists and procedures.

Why these locations?

Linway looks to identify core and value-add retail assets throughout the United States, with a focus on recession proofing institutions such as state capitals, universities, and major hubs of infrastructure.

Which properties?

Class of investments will concentrate on new or late model construction multi-tenant properties spotlighting diversified service-oriented businesses. Special emphasis will be given to high traffic corridors with exceptional population potential.